February 03, 2007

Site Update

Good news. Our community continues to grow. This site is growing in popularity (Google PR4 now) with over 120 unique visitors per day.

I have decided to give a little more attention to the site (rather than playing moo2 all day). This weekend, I have converted this sites blog template over to the new blogger style with widgets. I added a new sidebar and all articles has been re-published to accommodate the changes.


Anonymous said...


lately i found myself playing MOO2 again too ! :p
and thus.. i found your site..
when i ll have time i'll check better what you do here..
it seem something about multiplayer online..

anyway.. cheers from italia

Roberto - Von bert

Anonymous said...

quote:"Also, many people do not have a CD with the dos version of the game on it."
so where do i get the right cd ?

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