April 30, 2006

Antarian Ship Designs

Today, I have been taking a brief look at Antarian ship designs with the hopes of eventually modifying them to make them a stronger opponent. In the game there are two types of ships generated by the Antarians. Those that are for defending the Antarian homeworld and those that are for Attacking the other players. There are currently only slight differences in the designs.

I have summarized the designs in the following tables:

Moo2 Antarian Defensive ship designs

Moo2 Antarian Offensive ship designs

In my opinion these ships are to weak and their attacks are to infrequent to matter. It is far to easy to stop the Antarian invasions even early in the game. The small ships are easily destroyed with missiles due to lack of pd weapons and the large ships don't come early enough.

I am currently working on a mod to change a few things with the antarians. I hope to include the following:

  • Increase Antarian attack frequency.
  • Increase attack fleet size.
  • Add pd weapons to small attack ships.
  • Significantly increase Antarian defensive fleet.
  • Put missile bases, ground batteries, and stellar converter on Antares.
This will probably be in the form of a separate (optional) patch.

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