June 29, 2006

Remaining bug list.

Today, I am trying to put together a list of remaining bugs in Master of Orion II v1.40. I am only listing those that I have seen on my PC as those are the ones I most likely can fix in the near future.

Bug list:

  • Buildings that yield production bonuses sometimes do not apply the bonus correctly in the turn that the building is produced. Moving workers in that turn can result in the bonus being lost temporarily.
  • Missile stacks with a quantity of zero are sometimes generated when attempting to shoot down missiles. This zero stack will proceed to target but will do no damage. They can however trigger the automatic firing of pd weapons thus waisting the firing round.
  • When 2 or more players arrive at a system for the first time the systems special will be awarded to only one player.
  • When changing a colonists profession during a move from one planet to another, the destination colonies population limit in not checked correctly.
  • Ships equiped with phasing cloak and time warp facilitator can re-cloak in the same combat round in which they fire weapons.
  • Ships are not immobilized by tractor beams or blackhole generators until the beginning of the next combat round. This allows them to move when they should not be able to.
  • Outposts are often destroyed in strategic combat even when the defender wins combat.
  • Annihilation can result in a planet with zero population which is impossible to invade or bomb.
  • Under certain circumstances the combat round with a monster is ignored. Sometimes monsters or ships which were destroyed in combat are still alive after combat. This seems to be a network game problem only.
  • Retreating from combat can result in loss of your entire fleet if there is a black hole in the retreat path even if you have a navigator.
  • Travel distance and ETA are not calculated correctly in some situations.
  • It is possible to change some race picks that you should not be able to once you have researched Evolutionary Mutation.
  • When a colony ship and outpost ship are present with your fleet, sometimes you will not be given the option to land your outpost ship. This seems to occur in systems with no habitable worlds.
  • Autobuild can be exploited to produce an item and trade goods in the same turn.
  • Shield generators repaired during combat do not function correctly.
  • You cannot demand or trade optronics computer technology.
  • Some stolen technologies do not apply until you build a new colony or outpost.

If you have any bugs to add to this list feel free to post them in the comments.

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