January 01, 2007

Lord Admiral Loknar

I have gathered a little more information about Lord Admiral Loknar (the leader you get after defeating the Guardian). Here are his stats:

Loknar the Last OrionLoknar
Starting Exp: 1000
Fighter Pilot* +45
Galactic Lore* +45
Helmsman* +45
Ordnance* +45
Weapons* +45
Free Techs: Graviton Beams, Nuclear Drive.

When you defeat the guardian and you have room for another leader, Loknar will join you. You will get Graviton Beams and Nuclear Drive (everyone already has Nuclear Drive). If you dont have room for him then you still will get his ship.

When you receive Loknars ship (you will get this even if you don't get Loknar), you will receive 4 Xenon Level Techs. Death ray will be one of them and there will be 3 others chosen at random from the list below:

Black Hole Generator
Damper Field
Particle Beam
Quantum Detonator
Relfection Field
Spacial Compressor
Xentronium Armor

It will try to choose technology that you do not already have.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the 4 techs can be any techs that you don't have, not necessarily Antarian techs, although it will always try to give Death Ray if you do not yet have it. It doesn't give hyper advanced tech though. So if you have all the techs in the game and all the Antaras techs, then it doesn't give any tech. If you are missing some techs, say, Class I shield, it will give that.

alloutwar said...

I don't believe Locknar's stats are fixed, either; when I beat the Guardian yesterday, Locknar had +37 in all of his stats, the same as my highest current leader's rankings.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that will happen. But to get him with the 45 stats your race needs the Warlord bonus. (Can be gotten with research or from the start).

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