October 07, 2006

50,000 visitor milestone

Today, our site had its 50,000th unique visitor (in under 20 months). Our MOO2 community is live and well.

Thank you all for visiting!


Anonymous said...

There's a new software called hamachi that allows you to establish virtual private networks. We can use this to play moo2. If you wanna try this plz email me at moo2@losgehts.cjb.net

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping MOO2 alive. I've just started playing it again, as recent strategy games just don't offer the same fun.

Anonymous said...

Hamachi sucks. The kids these days use Dosbox to play moo2 online.

50,000 visitors? That's it? That's kind of depressing. I suppose that's the kind of country we live in. Rip microprose apart and feed it to fishes, more GTA games than you can rattle off in a single breath, Tom DeLay and Master of Orion 3. Dark times indeed.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently working at MOO2 graphics viewer. If anyone is interested visit http://www.karoltomala.com/blog/. I will publish information about this viewer and graphic format used in MOO2 there.

If anyone is interested I'll publish the code of the viewer under GPL license so anyone could do just about anything with it. Maybe someone would make some graphic mods for MOO2 ;)

Greets for all fans

Anonymous said...

Hamachi works great, you have to make it the first in the order of networks TCP. Go to properties, advanced under network settings and change the adapter to first in the list then it will work perfect over IPX. Havn't found a game that Didn't work!

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