February 03, 2005

Update on patch developement progress

Here is what I have completed so far. These items will be in the b19 patch for sure:

  • Added Post Warp Technology Age - All technologies 250RPs and below are received by all races even those not creative.
  • Added Cluster Galaxy Size - The galaxy is physically the same distance across as a large galaxy but has the same number of stars as a Huge. All the systems are much closer together.
  • Corrected a bug to do with repeat build which allowed players to buy stored production and cheat.
  • Cleaned up some items within the patcher program (the program that applies the patch).
  • Added 32K bytes of code space to the exe file. This gives us plenty of space for future patch code


siron said...


btw...just some small bugs.....i am not sure if you are aware of them. (I guess they are easy to fix.)

Ships with Cloaking Device and Phasing Cloak should also be invisible on the main screen. (Like Stealth Field). (Phasing Cloak is banned anyway....but fixing cloaking device would be nice for b19.)
I really enjoyed my omni-urridium-stealth-pulson-mirv-emg games in your b18. ;) ...operation vacuum cleaner

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, Gusset here...

Siron, is this a good thing to "fix" (are those techs actually intended to work that way)?. If one tech could function both as a cloak and a galactic stealth system, I think that's a bit too much and I'd be inclined to ban them in games. If a player desires a cloak in battle and a stealth field in transit, they should have to separately add BOTH Stealth Field and Cloaking Device to the ship, rather than getting a 2-for-1 deal with a single item.

My $.02 worth.

siron said...

"(are those techs actually intended to work that way)?"

It is written everywhere that it should work this way. Manual...and in the lbx files. (The alternatives in that techfield Hard Shields and Stasis Field arent bad either....)

But nevermind. When LB doesnt want to fix the tech he should at least fix the help files.......actually I was unsure if this bug was fixed by b18......and I had to check this in hotseat.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, PK here.

Siron is wrong about cloacking device i think. Idea of these devices is to stay invisible on the BATTLE screen, so ships are immposible or harder (+80 defence) to hit. Stealth field is already very strong tech.


siron said...

PK is wrong about cloacking device i think.

These quotes are self-explaining (just watch the ship design screen):

Phasing Cloak "Invisible in combat and on main screen"

Stealth Field "Invisible on main screen"

Cloaking Device "+80 defense, Invisible on main screen"

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