February 08, 2005

Cluster Flop

There will be a slight delay in the release of b19 as testing has shown that the new Cluster Galaxy Size has a few minor bugs. The bugs arise only in multiplayer LAN games and do not seem to effect single player or even hot seated games.

On the positive side...The new Post Warp technology age is working well and the code seems stable.


Anonymous said...

Im happy to read about new things u prepare for moo, LB.

Id like only to make a small critical opinion about "dark" desing of the web site. Texts are hardly readable - i use control A to light them.

Thx very much LB for your awesome work!


Lord Brazen said...

I like the dark...

I'll lighten up the text a little.


Lord Brazen

Anonymous said...

"A little" :P ...

Hi LB! PK here.

Ok LB here is what i feel and saw after playin around 100 serious games with b1x patches.

1. Riches and uriches! Oh my God! I almoust feel surrounded by them :D Rich in hw is now like 75% chance /planets=4/. Urich in 6 parces range is like 25%. Im talking about normal g planets and not tiny. I had situation when i had to restart 5 times due to having uriches ng very near me. All nice kinds of super power planets. And if i dont get urich then i got some nice riches in thier place :) Im starting to be confused and my opponents too! I restart cos my planets are to good! /like mirror of Cyber/. Its not always like this of course. Wierd case of archivum X :)

2. Cships and ops bug. Never saw this bug b4 the patches. They simply clone when u land on planet. Nasty bug!

3. Old bug of autofacts. Mouse over them crashes the game. Moo2 most popular bug i think.

Due to your efforts to rise the quality of moo2 code - orion is now more stable and playable then ever b4. I wrote thx many times to u LB. But i wont stop as u still care and try to make our best game to be better! :)

Anonymous said...

Btw ! See this web site : http://www.moo3.at/index.php

They have tons of users and visitors! I wrote to them and they add ur and mine web site to moo2 links :)


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