February 19, 2005

Moo2v140b19 released today

I have just released the b19 patch. The Cluster galaxy size has been dropped for now due to multiple bugs. Here is what is in the new release:

  • Added Post Warp Technology Age.All technologies 250RPs and below are received by all races even those not creative.
  • Corrected minor bug in autoexec2.nt script creation when kali is not detected.
  • Fixed repeat build bug. You can no longer cancel bought production.
  • Improved dosx for SP2 detection. Better support for non-US versions of windows.
  • Added 32K bytes of code space to the exe file. This gives us plenty of space for future patch code


Anonymous said...


Awesome job LB! THX :D


Anonymous said...

THX a lot!

Anonymous said...

LB is there a way to add a switch making all hws the same? (except the home planet of course :) )

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