May 22, 2010

Updated patcher Moo2v140b24

Today I posted a new version of the patch. This build does not add any new fixes to the game however. It simply fixes some minor issues with the exe that applies the patch to the game.

The new patcher can now be run in DOS or DOSbox directly. You no longer need to run from the windows command prompt. This should allow the patch to be applied on any system with DOSbox (such as Linux and Mac OS users).

I actually built this version of the patch back in 2008 however never released it.


Anonymous said...

You have really gotten me excited about playing moo2 again. Thank you. Great work on the patch. Here is another dev who mod'ed an old exe and now has it running as a dll with a new c-code wrapper. You may find this worthwhile.

Unknown said...

I much appreciate the work you have done on what may frankly be my favorite strategy game of all time.

Anonymous said...


liam said...

as an mac user i want to say thanks, this worked fine with boxer the nicest dos emulator there is.

any mac users this works 100% so dont be scared

thanks a lot,

ps a nice lets play by grimith

Anonymous said...

great work, nice to see people with great taste in games ^^

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