February 12, 2006

New site layout completed

Over the past few days I have redesigned this site. It is now completed for the most part.

I have corrected the problems with the comments in the blog template so now I will be allowing comments on this site again. Also, comments are now easier to read. I have also lightened up some of the text and links so they are easier to see.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting in the work and funds to keep this site going. I'm a long-time MOO2 fan, and after the disappointment of MOO3, I'm glad there is a community still supporting the classic.

A few months back I bought a new computer, wiped my old one and then set it up as a legacy computer for older games. Unfortunately, I failed to save my old MOO2 patch and editor files... and these are getting hard to find online. Thank you for keeping them available.

Tony Gillis
Denver, CO

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