February 06, 2006

A few small bugs with /nohousing in the b22 patch

Some kali players have reported a few small bugs with the latest patch. For the most part, they are not critical so I have decided to wait a few weeks to release a fix for them. The known bugs in b22 are as follows:

  • The /nohousing switch applies only to players that have the switch on their command line. This was not my intention. All players should receive the settings from the host.
  • The /nohousing switch on the command line can override the settings in a saved game when loaded. This includes the stored settings for some other switches. The settings should be loaded from the save game file and all command line switches should have no effect game when loaded.
  • The population growth shown in the colony screen on turn 1 is not correct until either some units are moved around or the turn is ended. This bug is only a display bug and has no effect on the actual population growth (it is calculated at the end of the turn and then applied).
I have already developed a solution to these bugs except the display bug and they will be included in the next patch release. For now, you can work around these bugs by simply having all players put the /nohousing switch in their command line (if you are intending to play with that switch).

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