July 16, 2005

Moo2v140b20 released today

I have released the b20 patch today. I have decided to hold off on the /noscan switch until the next release. The following are the included features:

  • Fixed a bug that caused colony ships and outpost ships to be undeleted after they have been used to create a colony or outpost.
  • Fixed the /noorion switch so that it removes Orion and the Guardian rather than moving the system off the map. A regular system is left in its place.
  • Changed the /nobh switch so that the type of star the black hole is converted to is random rather than always red.
  • Added /noreport - The report button on the diplomacy screen will be disabled preventing you from seeing what technology your opponent has. Also, Technology demands and trades are greyed out.
  • Added /droids - All players start out with the ability to build androids (all 3 types).
  • Changed post warp tech age - players will receive all tech up to 250RPs except fighter bays. Creative races will also no longer receive fighter bays in post warp.


Anonymous said...

Great Changelog!

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice work,
seems you are doing some reverse engeneering on Moo2. Im interested in writing a clone of Moo2 an would need the formulars (for calculating money, research, ship damage...) used by the original. Would be nice if you could contact me, my mail is scotch@tzi.de

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