May 25, 2005

Delays with the 1.40b20 patch development

As some of you have noticed, I have not been updating this site much lately. I have been busy studying for some certification exams (100+ hours of study each) and have had little time to work on my other projects. I will try to set aside a little time to work on the 1.40b20 patch in the coming weeks as my studies are a little ahead of schedule.

Currently things are going well with the new patch development. I have completed the following:

  • Fixed a bug that caused colony ships and outpost ships to be undeleted after they have been used to create a colony or outpost.
  • Fixed the /noorion switch so that it removes Orion and the Guardian rather than moving the system off the map. A regular system is left in its place.
  • Changed the /nobh switch so that the type of star the black hole is converted to is random rather than always red.
  • Added 4K of data space and reduced the added code space to 28K (from 32K in previous patch). This will allow both code and data to be added to the exe in future patches without removing anything.
And these switches are in the works (some of the code is partially completed):
  • /noscan The scan button during combat will be disabled. This will limit scanning. You will still be able to see what weapons have been fired or are available as your opponent selects them.
  • /noreport The report button on the diplomacy screen will be disabled preventing you from seeing what technology your opponent has.
  • /droids All players start out with the ability to build androids (all 3 types).


Anonymous said...

WAAH! really looking forward to the /noscan & /noreport options and the debugging.

And good luck with studying for ya exams!

siron said...

The cship bug is finally fixed?!


StepNRazor said...

In Home sys would in be possible for the patch to mask out UR's? or apply other masks to set or restrict the other colonies in hw other than the one closest to the sun and hw itself?

siron said...

I agree with Step. Such switch would be very useful. Less restarts in 1v1s and better 4ways.

Also an "identical hw" switch (proposed by gusset and cabman somewhere on this blog) might be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Briliant idea with identical hw! I often edit hws to stay balanced and it works great.
But this has also one "minus". While someone may have bad hw he can have a great 2nd system. So if we equalize hws this 2nd guy will have better situation. But this is only theory.
I vote for "equalhw" switch with my both hands :)

Keep the good work LB! Yo are the best :)


Anonymous said...

Hi LB. I've noticed in the past that a demo government's money bonus only appears to be applied to basic taxes. Spaceport additions are not rolled into the multiplier (I don't know about stock exchange). Given that governmental bonuses in areas of production, farming, and research are extended to +1/+2/etc. bonuses obtained from buildings such as factories, labs, and soil enrichment, this appears to be a bug.

Is this the sort of thing that would be easy for you to track down and fix?

Again, keep up the good work!

siron said...

IMO thats no bug.

soil is defined as +1/farmer
autofacts +1/worker

The racepicks 0.5bc and 1bc are also multiplied with the demo bonus.

But space ports and also stock exchange doesnt mention a bonus "per taxpayer". They talk about a "colony bonus" there.

moo2 game designers thought mebbe that the bonus is directly caused by the building (like hydros or subt farms where also no uni bonus is multiplied).

But nice try to mod the game, gusset! ;D

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