January 13, 2005

Issues for European XP SP2 users

I am aware of a new issue for XP SP2 users. It seems some SP2 users are having problems still with the b18 patch. Most users seem to be European. I suspect this is because non-North American or Non-English releases of XP are different.

The problems with SP2 are caused by the new version of DOSX.EXE. This version causes Orion2 to crash shortly after starting a LAN game.

In order to solve this problem on your own you can try this after applying the b18 patch:

  1. Copy an old version of DOSX.EXE to your c:\windows\system32 folder. You will need to rename it as you will not be able to overwrite the SP2 version. I suggest you call it DOSX_SP1.EXE. If you have applied the service pack, there should be a hidden folder c:\windows\$NtServicePackUninstall$ where you can find the old version of dosx.
  2. Next you will need to edit the c:\windows\system32\autoexec2.nt file and make sure it reads as follows. Make sure the dosx_sp1 (bolded) is the same filename you used for the old dosx. Also, make sure the path to the Kali install folder (bolded) is correct.

@echo off

REM Load DOS mode CD-ROM support
lh %SystemRoot%\System32\mscdexnt.exe

REM Load DOS mode DPMI support
lh %SystemRoot%\System32\dosx_sp1

REM Set parameters for Sound Blaster Emulation
SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 P330 T3

REM Load DOS mode Kali support
REM Set the Kali variable to match your own path to Kali install folder
SET Kali=C:\PROGRA~1\Kali95\


Anonymous said...

That did the job.

Thank you Sir.


Anonymous said...

Is there an international itruduction....
it does not work with my german version...

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