January 01, 2005


Official Moo2 patch by Microprose:

Moo2 v1.31 patch for both Orion95 and DOS Orion2.

Unofficial Moo2 patches:

Moo2 v1.40b24 patch for DOS version only. See the Patch FAQ.
Moo2 v1.40b24 patcher source code .
VESA wrapper for DOS version. Resolves problems on some systems where you get LOAD VESA.COM error.

Moo2 utilities:

NOTE: Most of these tools need to be copied to and run from the game directory.

*** Unfortunately I had to remove the download for most of these utilities because some jerk complained to my hosting provider that they were malware.  If you do want one of these old utilities please send me a message through the forum. ***

OCL v0.21 - LBX and game exe editor. For use with both DOS and Win version 1.31.
OCLplus v0.3 - LBX and game exe editor. For use with DOS version 1.40 only.
BaaUtil v2.85 - Save game editor that randomizes the game.
Corion2 v1.0 - Save game editor. Edits many things.
LBX Explorer v0.93 - Tool for viewing the contents of some of the LBX game files.
Money Editor - Save game editor that gives more money.
MapLeveler v1.0 - Save game Map Editor.
Moo2 Hero Editor v1.0 - LBX file editor that alters hero characteristics.
Moo2 Melting Pot v0.952 - LBX file editor that alters race characteristics.
Moo2 Officer Editor v1.0 - LBX file editor that alters heros.
Moo2 Planet Editor v1.0 - Save game planet editor.
Moo2 Scenarizer v1.0 - Save game editor.
Moohero v2.1 - Tool to display all hero data (not entirely accurate).
PickHack v1.0 - LBX file editor for custom race picks costs.
RandRace v0.1 - Tool for generating a random race to play(not an editor).
Moo2 Save game Editor v0.35 - Tool for editing many things in save game.

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